Madeleine Milligan

copyeditor & proofreader



I’m a writer, reader, musician, and avid sock knitter from Essex, UK. My passion for poetic prose and perfect grammar has stemmed from a lifetime of page-turning, my nose forever buried in books. I wrote spin-offs of my favourites when I was still in primary school, filling notebook after notebook with new characters and extended plots.  You can imagine, then, that when I had the privilege of bumping into Jacqueline Wilson at a wedding when I was just nine, my little heart near enough exploded. After talking with her for hours whilst the rest of the party danced on, a little girl’s hobby quickly turned into a lifetime dream, and I haven’t looked back since. Having recently received a First Class honours degree in Creative Writing, I amto continue developing my skills within a practical and professional environment.



Editorial team member and copyeditor for the University of Winchester literary magazine, Vortex; assisted with the collation of prose fiction to be showcased in the 2019 edition of the magazine, as well as editing and proofreading the entire edition. The eBook version can be found here.

Copyeditor for Splendid Fred blog, which showcases articles on all things ‘music’. 

Submissions reader and editor for Bandit Fiction, a new voice in digital publishing.


Youth Choir Leader at spring and summer voice camps every year for eight years. I lead a group of children and young teenagers, teaching them songs in three-part harmony over the duration of the festival. At the end of the week, they perform to the adults – always a very rewarding experience.

Musical Excellence Awardee 2016-2019 at the University of Winchester. For the duration of my degree, I was awarded a generous bursary to put towards my development as a musician.



Published Author, appearing in issue 4 of Lucent Dreaming.

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2020

Choral Director for High Frequency Upper-Voices Choir at the University of Winchester. Every semester for two years I led an ensemble of fifteen voices, teaching them pieces of a cappella to a high standard, ready for multiple performances a year.


Creative Writing

the university of winchester

Having recently received a First Class degree, my time at university has been invaluable in my learning and growing as a writer and editor. We participated in rigorous workshopping, in which we read and critiqued one another’s writing in order to help each other craft pieces of a high standard. This process really highlighted to me how much I love to edit. I’ve also learned a great deal about my own writing style and the genre I should be favouring, fine-tuning my voice to something that I can be proud of. Click here to view some of my work. My short story, ‘Baintsi’, has also recently been published in issue 4 of Lucent Dreaming. You can order a gorgeous copy here, or read and retweet for free here.